Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management Products

 Biogas Plants

We offer various biogas plants based on type of waste, quantity of waste and need of the customer. SUS-BIO Gas plants comes in wide size range starting from 5-10 Kg/D to 10,000Kg/Day (10 Tons)
Wide variety of organic wastes are handled including food waste, cow dung, slaughter house waste, fish waste, food processing industry waste and municipal solid waste.

Nisargaruna Biogas Plant

Nisargaruna biogas plant is able to process biodegradable waste such as kitchen waste, paper, grass, gobar (cow dung) and dry leaves.

Portable Biogas Plant

Small scale biogas plants for individual houses and restaurants which generate food waste from 5 to 50Kgs.

Custom Made Biogas Plants

We also design and install biogas plants in various scales based on need of the customer.

Nisargaruna Biogas Plant provides high quality methane gas and manure. Biogas generated is rich in methane gas and burns with a blue flame. Weed-free manure obtained has high nitrogen contents and acts as an excellent soil conditioner.

This plant is ideal for kitchens/canteens of big Institutions, Hospitals, Hotel, and Factories where 200Kgs to 5000Kgs of waste is generated.

This product is offered in collaboration with Bhabha Atomic Research Centre – Government of India.

Custom made Biogas technologies are available for unconventional sources like food waste, slaughter house waste, fish waste, food processing industry waste and municipal solid waste.

We undertake Bio methane potential studies and feasibility studies for industrial wastes.

Biogas Plant Accessories

Biogas Balloon

Biogas Stove



Rapid Composter (OWC)


Fully automatic and semiautomatic rapid composters made from high quality Stainless steel. It’s easy and smell free operation converts kitchen waste (cooked, uncooked, non-veg and veg) and garden waste including leaves and twigs in to nutrient rich compost.


SUS-BIO Bin (Household Composter)

SUS-BIO Active+ (Compost Culture)